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After ‘Bugatti 100’, ‘Belgian Racing Legends’, ‘Ferdinand Porsche’, ‘Italian Car Passion’, and ‘American Dream Cars’, Autoworld is crossing the Channel for its major end-of-year exhibition that will take place from 13 December 2019 to 26 January 2020.

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The end-of-year biennale exhibitions at Autoworld have become an unmissable experience, not only for vintage car fans but for all those who are nostalgic for a certain era. They are an occasion when beautiful bodywork and high-end cars —even the average person’s cars—are brought back to life in a fabulous setting, ambience, and decor.

After having brought its visitors to the United States and Italy,

Autoworld is crossing the Channel and taking us to the heart of London

with its traffic—for once at a standstill —and its backstreets, in which the automotive treasures of the past are hidden, to its Crescents, and in this festive period, the small shopping streets with their trendy window displays…

England has given birth to great monarchs, entrepreneurs, and artists—and it also saw the apogee of the great car manufacturers.

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Come back to England in the 1950s and 1970s.


A golden age for the British car industry, which saw an impressive number of mythical cars! Today, most of them have disappeared or are under the management of foreign and international groups...

So British! revives and gathers all the British brands—current, vintage, or that have disappeared—at the Autoworld Museum, in a typical London ‘Christmas shopping’ atmosphere.

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